Document Templates

Template Libraries

Document Templates are organized in Template Libraries. Users can be granted access to manage a Library and it’s Templates.


Template Libraries can be changed by clicking the {}}-icon next to the name.

Switch to tab Users to add permitted Users. Please note, that Users with the Role “Viewer” can not change the Library or Templates within it.


Document Templates are written as HTML-Code (Hypertext Markup Language). In this manual we assume that you know the basics of HTML-Coding. If you do not, you can contact your Integrator to create and change Templates.


A new Document Template can be created with the Button add Add .


The content is defined as HTML code. Handlebars is used as template engine. Handlebars fills the content to the Template. The available content depends on the Documents Type. You should adapt one of the default templates rather than create a fresh one.

To learn how to work with the Template Engine, check the Handlebars Reference.


Templates have support for multiple languages, which is provided by a Mustache-function. You can create a translatable string like this:

  • In the Template content call the localization function with the localization key, for example:
{{translate "Date"}}  
  • The key is detected and listed in Localization. You can add the translation for the required languages.