Contact Management


Conacts are organized in Address Books. User can be granted access to manage Address Books and Contacts.


To create an Address Book, click the field Start typing to add in the Address Book bar on the left side and fill in the name of the Address Book. Click the button add to create the Address Book.


Address Books can be changed by clicking the edit -icon next to the name.

Switch to tab Users to add permitted Users. Please note, that Users with the Role “Viewer” can not change the Address Book or Contacts within it.


A list of contacts can be imported in the tab Import/Export.

To import, select a CSV-, XLS- or XLSX-File with your contacts from your computer and click Import . The column names must be exactly as specified in the form.

To export, click the Export button.



A new Conact can be created by klicking the Button add Create .


Contacts can be filtered by text, which is applied to common fields. You can filter by entering text to the Search-field on the top of the list.


Contacts can be changed by clicking on the Name.

Assign Users

It’s possible to assign Lexgate-Users to a Contact. When assigning a User, he will be invited to Lexgate, if no Login existis.

To assign a User, switch to Assigned Users and enter the E-Mail Address of the User. The changes take effect immediately. You can now assign the Contact to a Group, so the User gets access to the Analysis for this Group.